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Welcome to our network

Welcome to the Unofficial Trews Fans Network, a series of websites designed to help you get the latest news about Canadian rock band the Trews the way you want to get it.

The origins of this community date back to mid-2005 when we created a Yahoo! Group which we used to send out emails to all our subscribers with the latest news. Following that a year and a half later, we created a fan listing that was subsequently certified at the Fan Listings.org; it was exactly what it sounds like – a list of people who called themselves Trews fans. We added a bulletin board about a year later, and then from there it grew to all the elements we now encompass – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, this blog, the Tumblr, the Pinterest account, the About.me page, etc., etc. We’re just trying to keep the band’s name out in the world and hope we can find new friends along the way.

You can subscribe to our blog or read it through your RSS feed, follow us on Twitter or Instagram, or join us on Tumblr. We’re also interactive, encouraging contact between fans: like our Facebook page, and help us spread the word on Pinterest.

Join the Trews Fans Network the way you want!

And if you need to get ahold of us for any reason, please drop us an email!

More elements will be added soon, so come back often.

3 Responses to About Us

  1. chantal jones says:

    Hi guys:)
    Do you except fan mail the old fashioned way? by letter in the mail? is there an mailing adress ? Let me know…Thanks XO


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