Did you miss these great photos from the band last night?

Some more studio 📸 courtesy of @suggestionjustin

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Happy Birthday technology fail!

Y’know…when technology works well, it can make life a whole lot easier and maybe even more fun. And when it fails, it can make you look like a schmuck.

Which is what we currently look like because we missed the birthdays of some fans that wanted us to wish them a happy, because of said-failing technology. For which we are truly sorry, and for which we are now attempting to make amends. Moving forward we will do one gigantic birthday wish at the beginning of each month so we will hopefully catch everyone! And if you want to be included, please go here and give us your info: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/KSV8393

(And we went and tweaked the technology so we will hopefully have no more issues with it moving forward. If we’ve missed anyone else, please let us know so we can go and see if it’s there now.)

So we sincerely hope that Tricia (Dec 27th), Angel (Jan 4th) and Amanda Horak (Jan 22nd) had the wonderful and awesome birthdays that they deserve!!

Birthday cake

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Throwback Thursday: Sudbury Events Centre, Sudbury, ON, Dec 13/14

Throwing right back to Sudbury, ON, on Dec 13/14, and one of the very best shows we’ve ever seen. They were on *fire*. And we always love *love* LOVE when John-Angus decides to treat us to these moves during his solo. (Photos taken by us.)

Collage of photos of JA

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