“Time Capsule”

If you missed it, here’s the Facebook Live session with John-Angus last night. The big announcement – if you missed it – is that the band is doing a new Pledge Music campaign, this time for the best-of coming out in September called Time Capsule. And if you pre-order it through this campaign, you’ll get the 20 extra songs called The Vault. Long-time TFN’er Scott Cee went through the video and we went looking elsewhere, and here’s the information we came up with for track listings, etc.

Time Capsule – Track List:

1. Lotta Work/Little Love
2. Not Ready To Go
3. Tired of Waiting
4. So She’s Leaving
5. Yearning
6. Poor Ol’ Broken Hearted Me
7. Ishmael & Maggie
8. Hold Me In Your Arms
9. Paranoid Freak
10. Man of Two Minds
11. Can’t Stop Laughing
12. Sing Your Heart Out (studio version)
13. Beautiful & Tragic
14. Highway of Heroes
15. Hope and Ruin
16. Power of Positive Drinking
17. In the Morning
18. What’s Fair is Fair
19. Rise in the Wake
20. Chinese Kites

The Vault (we don’t know the order yet):

Ishmale & Maggie (demo)
Poor Ol’ Broken Hearted Me (demo)
It Takes Me A While (Den Of Thieves b-side)
Served My Time (Den Of Thieves b-side)
Den Of Thieves (studio version)
Don’t Let Me Fade (No Time For Later b-side)
Life In The Red (No Time For Later b-side)
Long Way From Freedom (No Time For Later b-side)
Mistress Misery (No Time For Later b-side)
Saturday Girl (No Time For Later b-side)
Man Of Two Minds (country radio mix)
Big Night Out (Hope & Ruin b-side)
I Don’t But I Do (Hope & Ruin b-side)
Mandy (Hope & Ruin b-side)
St. Thomas Is Calling (Hope & Ruin b-side)
Coming Home (christmas song)
Downed (Cheap Trick cover)
Locked Doors (studio version)

Other songs mentioned:

Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (The Beatles cover)
Waiting For Time (Den Of Thieves b-side)
Gone To My Head (Den Of Thieves b-side)

New songs that have been played live recently:

Chinese Kites
Going Home
Glorious Son
Lotta Love / Little Love



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