What We Think: Sean

An opinion piece – by us!

So, it’s been a few days since Sean’s announcement of his departure from the band, and the statement from Colin, John-Angus and Jack. We’ve been asked quite a bit about what we think about it all – which continues to be very humbling – so we thought we’d say something here.

We have always felt that the reason this band stands out among others is the combination of the four musicians that have been in the band since the decision to re-locate to Toronto in the early 2000’s. To us, each of them is an exceptional talent that shines as brightly on his own as they do together – and that doesn’t happen often. Many times a band will be three amazing players and one that simply does the job. OR, three okay players behind an amazing singer. (And sometimes not a single musician in the band stands out, but they have a great song-writing team behind them – or great PR. That’s a discussion for another time, though.)

OUR POINT IS…as far as we’re concerned, Colin, John-Angus, Jack, and Sean are all incredibly talented musicians each in their own right; it’s kind of the reason we became fans in the first place. One of any of them leaving the band is going to hurt no matter what the reason. And so it’s Sean. The cowbell-playin’, high-singin’, drum-poundin’, songwritin’ drummer for our favourite band.

Of course, we’re going to miss him for other reasons, too…

Of course we don’t want him to leave.

But he has. He has his reasons, he’s said what they are, and we respect him all the more for doing what is healthiest for he and his family. We can gnash our teeth and wail our woes and stomp our feet as much as we want, but…he’s left. He’s said his goodbyes and they hurt; we aren’t inhuman. We’ll miss him. And we’re mourning with everyone else.

But we send him off with all of our very best wishes, lots of our love, and hopes that we see him at a show in the future where we can say hello and see how he’s doing. If he joins some new musical thing in the future, you know we’ll be out to support it. Because it’s Sean.

And now…now Colin, John-Angus and Jack have told us that they’ve welcomed Gavin Maguire into the band with open arms, and so we do as well. If you’ve not seen them with Gavin, you’re in for a real treat; he’s a monster behind the kit and talented in the extreme – which means he fits right in. We’ve posted a lot of concert videos recently, just take a look at any of them and you’ll see what we mean. He brings a different feel to the music, to be sure; his style is his own, and so he adds another dimension to music that we know down to our DNA. And it’s good. It’s really really good.

The band is moving onward and upward. We’re moving with them.

We hope you’ll move on with all of us, too.



For the fans, by the fans. Since 2005.
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