ICYMI: Huge news from the band earlier today (July 14/15)


“To all the hard core Trewbadours out there:

Well what can I say folks its been an amazing run. The years playing with the Trews have been best years of my life. Countless hours in the jam space and playing thousands of live shows all over the world have shaped me as a musician, and playing with such great guys has made me a better human being. I will miss it very much.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I’ve decided to step down from the drum throne. Nothing weird goin’ on here folks…just time to do what’s best for me and the family. I wish the Trews nothing but the best, and was so fortunate to play with the best friggin’  band in the Country. I’ll be hanging with you all in the crowd at the next show. Peace and Love!” – Sean

A message from Colin, John-Angus and Jack:

“Sean was an integral part of the band over the past 14 years. Together we’ve written many songs and played many shows all over the world. He was a warrior that hung in there through the ups and downs of the long road and was a really fun guy to share the ride with. We will miss him both on and off stage. Moving forward we will carry on with the very excellent Gavin Maguire behind the kit. A lot of you may have seen Gavin when he joined us half way through our Canadian tour this past fall. We are very grateful to all of our fans for their love and support over the last decade and we hope to have your continued support as we advance along our musical path. We will carry on.”



For the fans, by the fans. Since 2005.
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