Jack Twitter Q&A, Jan. 31/15

Jack was on Twitter for about an hour last night (31/1/15) answering questions and fielding comments; here’s the transcript.

Hey guys, Jack here. I’m waiting to board a late plane at the airport. Taking questions here for the next hour or so if ya got any. #askjack

@canrugger where you off to?
Jack: back home after our show in Moncton last night

@NSTreasures I have one, would you be willing to do a 9 Question interview with us? They’re wildly popular (slight embellishment! πŸ™‚ )
Jack: that’s more than one question but … Sure
@NSTreasures Well, it was one question about doing 9! πŸ˜‰ On topic: Favourite airport food? πŸ™‚
Jack: the lobster roll at the Maritime Ale House at Halifax Airport, made by Sue

@Daniel_Cudmore any plans to play in PEI in the near future Jack?
Jack: not currently but hope to get back soon

@SolidEggs what is your favorite band? Or artist?
Jack: The Kinks and Claude Monet

@jeffo_anderson what’s your favourite bass that you play
Jack: my Rickenbacker

@PaulKennedy20 Hey Jack! Good luck on the music express awards. When’s the next tour coming through Alberta? Loved the acoustic/electric gig!
Jack: probably not till the summer but we’ll keep ya posted

@RedHeadFred9 ….is this not the best picture you have ever had taken of you in Melville, SK?! What a night!! http://pic.twitter.com/BE0laZkjkM
Jack: actually no, I’ve had several good pictures of me taken in Melville. But this makes the top thirty. πŸ™‚

@rgoddes Hey Jack, safe travels! What is the latest artistic thing you’ve done?
Jack: its been a slow month πŸ˜‰

@hiltzkeith I go on a fishing trip every year on the Pomquet and South River. Do you know any secret holes?
Jack: I know a couple

@jvan747 who’s your favourite hockey team and why is it Montreal?
Jack: it is Montreal because I like Montreal

@TMbassEGB favourite song to play live?
Jack: Permanent Love

@hollisandmorris are Wednesdays still drug night? lol
Jack: every time it rolls by πŸ™‚
@hollisandmorris u made my day I named my daughter Elowyn she’s 10 months. How did your daughter’s name come about? Thx btw
Jack: that’s cool! my wife taught a class that had a little girl in it named Elowyn, that’s how we found it.
@hollisandmorris Thx my daughter loves to listen to you guys. She whines in the car until I put some trews on. No other band will do.
Jack: that’s awesome!

@BudWitzke how’s the family?
Jack: excellent!
@BudWitzke and the name Marek?
Jack: we found it in a list of polish names

@ChrisOTP any future work planned with @TheGloriousSons
Jack: we love touring with them and hope to do more!

@Trews_lover coming to Portland OR ever?
Jack: would love to. I love the show “Portlandia”

@emlepage weirdest thing you’ve autographed
Jack: somebody’s calf who then got it tattooed!

@macdonald902 what is your favourite Trews song?
Jack: probably Traveling Kind

@LABRAT270 What was your favourite show from the tour ?
Jack: I really enjoyed Sudbury

@Trews_Fans What is your LEAST favourite mode of travel, Jack?
Jack: airplane actually

@macdonald902 breaking rules- fave venue to perform?
Jack: the Marquee in Halifax

@JAugustDub any plans to get back to Sarnia?
Jack: yes, we’ll be announcing a show there shortly

@AkwesasneFan Think I have the hang of this now. When you coming my way again? Miss you guys! We have many wineries!
Jack: nothing on the horizon but open to suggestions
@AkwesasneFan You guys were actually supposed to play in Ithaca but got cancelled due to H1N1 or some other outbreak. Reschedule?
Jack: dunno, I still don’t wanna catch H1N1 …
@AkwesasneFan Syracuse and Rochester are good too. No annual Buffalo in February show?
Jack: not this year

@23Tattoos what is your favourite song to play and what song would you love to cover that you haven’t yet?
Jack: I’d love to cover 20th Century Man by the Kinks

@MrBrianWest When do I get to be in a Trews video?! πŸ™‚
Jack: just show up at the next shoot! πŸ™‚

This was our favourite exchange of the evening. Clearly friends. πŸ™‚
@5MilesLong Why no nomination for the Junos this year? Isn’t there a best bass player category or is that dumb?
Jack: that’s dumb
@5MilesLong I heard you were an amazing badminton player, trew or rumour?
Jack: I prefer ping pong. Can you turn up stage right guitar in my monitor?
@5MilesLong what’s a monitor?
Jack: good point

@Bryerstewart10 which shows do you enjoy more acoustic, electric or half and half? Gr8 show last night btw
Jack: half and half, thanks!

@rgoddes Whatta we gotta do to get you guys on another tour with @redwantingblue? Name it, we’ll do it.
Jack: we’re working on it! Hope to share the stage again soon

@nightMairC Hey Jack! Hiya!! Have you done any recent sketches or paintings?
Jack: nothing recent, hoping to get more done in the near future

@23Tattoos favourite overseas country to play in. And who would you love to your with that you haven’t yet?
Jack: probably Japan, Jesse Malin

@nightMairC will you guys be coming back west this summer? Would you like to? πŸ™‚
Jack: hope to!

@Jedinewf1973 Great show last nite! any plans to return this summer!
Jack: no plans but here’s hoping’!
@Jedinewf1973 Did you get to meet Axl Rose when you opened for Guns n Roses? If so how did it go?
Jack: yes and it went really well!
@Jedinewf1973 That is so awesome! last nite was my sixth Trews concert including GNR and Springsteen. Any plans on a live album in future?
Jack: yes, we’re working on something of that nature

@BlueEydGlambert Any chance of coming to Northern Calif in the future?
Jack: nothing in the near future but would love to

@Trews_Fans Do you prefer playing the small, sweaty venues where everyone’s standing a foot away, or the huge outdoor festivals?
Jack: small and sweaty

@hollisandmorris where’s your favorite place to go when in Halifax?
Jack: public gardens

@23Tattoos are there any before show rituals that your or any of the guys do?
Jack: I like to walk around whatever city we’re in if the weather is nice

Thanks for your questions folks! This has been swell, gotta go! Boarding time, Jack



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