Concert review: The Trews with The Lazys – Petit Café Campus, Montreal, October 18 2014

Great review of the Montreal show, Oct. 18/14.

Diary of a Music Addict

There are things about the music business that puzzle me. Artists with limited talent get pushed so hard by the labels that they find major success, while some amazingly talented musicians keep toiling in relative obscurity. And there is no greater enigma than the fact that The Trews are still playing small venues like the Petit Campus.

The Trews October 16th 2014 Photo by Jean-Frederic Vachon The Trews October 16th 2014 Photo by Jean-Frederic Vachon

The Rise in the Wake tour takes its name from the opening track of their newest, self-titled album, and also served as the opening track of the show. Brothers Colin and John-Angus MacDonald, along with bass player Jack Syperek, drummer Sean Dalton and touring keyboard player Jeff Heisholt, didn’t let the small stage inhibit them; their performance’s focus is the music, with cool riffs, catchy melodies and rich harmonies and all around solid musicianship. The sound was maybe a tad loud in the beginning…

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