The Trews Give Thanks & Apologize for Any Inconvenience

Wilde Thing

They aren’t attending confession or atoning for their sins (though maybe past musical ones). Nor are they celebrating Thanksgiving. What are they doing is making music. While their acclaimed album “Hope & Ruin” was released in 2011, their latest project – the EP “Thank You and I’m Sorry” came out in November 2012 on Bumstead Records. It is a 7-song output, which is quite lengthy for an EP, of tracks that were left over or “didn’t fit” on the “Hope & Ruin” album. Yet the sound is still very much classic Trews and classically Haligonian. Although, they no longer reside in the capital of Eastern Canada, their acoustic-rock sound is still very much tinged with that East Coast/Nova Scotia flare.

Given their original band name was inspired by a Monty Python line – One I’d Trouser – and that their first single off of “Thank You and…

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