Contest! Win a sealed copy of the new EP, “…thank you and I’m sorry”!

We have a sealed copy of the new EP, …thank you and I’m sorry, sitting here waiting for a forever home. Would you like it?

If so, we’re looking for the most creative use of the song titles on the EP in a composition – a paragraph, a (run-on) sentence, a graphic, however you want to use all the song titles. Simply leave your entry as a comment to this post here on our blog, and we’ll have your fellow TFN’ers vote (“like”) their favourite(s). The one with the most “likes” here will win!

– keep it as clean as you can with titles that include “drinking” and “she was a guy”. No profanity.
– enter as often as you like.
you can only enter here. Anything written on our Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, G+, Pinterest, or other accounts will not be counted.
– contest is open to anyone anywhere; you do not need a WordPress account to enter.
– all entries will be moderated before being posted.

Contest will run until Sunday, December 9th, 2012, at 8:00 pm EST time.

Song titles:
The Power Of Positive Drinking
Leaps And Bounds
Lord, Keep Me In Mind
Not Yours To Love
Herm-Aphrodite (she was a guy)
…And We Are The Trews

...thank you and I'm sorry

…thank you and I’m sorry

Thanks to Donna Mair and Chad Blair Mackay over on our Facebook page for the idea for this!



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6 Responses to Contest! Win a sealed copy of the new EP, “…thank you and I’m sorry”!

  1. Trista VanDerVeeken says:

    I already have this CD so I don’t want to win but wanted to participate:

    Since my regret has been growing by “Leaps And Bounds”, I need you to realize that I’m “Not Yours To Love”, it was all due to my “Oblivion” which was caused by the “Power Of Positive Drinking”!

    All I can ask is that the “Lord, Keep Me In Mind” because how was I supposed to know that “She Was A Guy” “And…We Are The Trews”, nuff said

  2. donna_m says:

    haha.. love it! i too already have the cd but am gonna watch this space to see what people come up with!

  3. Dean McMurrer says:

    As I sit here listening to the Trews I’m thankful for The Power Of Positive Drinking,This new cd takes the boys too new Leaps And Bounds! Lord Keep Me In Mind as I drink too Oblivion,As I awakened I rolled over and realized She Was A Guy and said get out I’m Not Yours Too Love And We Are The Trews!

  4. Jeremy Porter says:

    “…And We Are The Trews”, so “Lord, Keep Me In Mind”, because “The Power Of Positive Drinking” causes “Leaps and Bounds” into “Oblivion” for the “Herm-Aphrodite” who is “Not Yours To Love”.

  5. Paul Kennedy says:

    I prayed last night dear lord keep me in mind. Come December 9th this EP should be mine You can jump leaps and bounds, release white doves but please remember its not yours to love.If you change the power and the glory to the power of positive drinking, watch as atheism disappears into oblivion.Please forgive My brother Colin as he was a little high and didn’t realize untill the end that she was a guy and finally lord when I turn on the radio don’t give me the news and all it’s blues,make every channel rock for We are the trews

  6. Rachel says:

    So the girls and I were going out for an epic night. It’s my birthday, I’m not feeling the greatest but I wouldn’t miss this! We’re heading to The Trews concert, and learning, by “Leaps And Bounds” I might add, about “The Power Of Positive Drinking”.
    We were swayin to the music, and I was drinking myself into “Oblivion” or at least to the point that I couldn’t stop checking out the “Herm-Aphrodite (she was a guy)” sitting across the club! She…er…he? finally mouthed to me “sorry”, “Not Yours To Love”!
    Embarrassed, I decide to turn my attention back to the stage, it’s close to the end of the set, and finish my drink. The place is getting hot, the air is getting thin. A trickling bead of sweat rolls down my back and BAM! I’m out cold.

    I start to come to…blurry…I see figures hovering above me, looking down. Angels? Oh! have my prayers been answers when I asked every night “Lord, Keep Me In Mind”? Someone asks “Do you know your name?” “yes, I’m Rachel” I answer…and in unison the figures reply “…And We Are The Trews”

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