Twitter Q&A with the Trews, October 19/12: “We love you back”

On the way home from Ottawa today, the band decided to take questions via Twitter. In case you missed it, here are the questions and the band’s answers. WARNING FOR LANGUAGE. And humour. – The Trews Fans Network

Sitting in the car with JA and Jack heading home from Ottawa, anybody got any trews questions for me and the boys? CM

Any questions?

Any questions?

@umcMarcus What’s today’s in-car soundtrack?
bunch of JAs iPod all good stuff mostly stones. Colin

@TrewLeafsFan where does jack get his hats? I’d love to know.
Jack buys his hats in Montreal.

@Budonkers how much of your own gear goes to Australia?
just our guitars, we rent back line when we get down there.

@xTrinity30x Who writes most of the lyrics to your songs?
I write the majority but I’ve co written lyrics with Gordie Johnson and Simon Wilcox. Colin

@DDubshorty_nv82 I’ve always wondered where u get inspiration for u songs?
real life! πŸ™‚

@rgoddes Who is everyone’s favourite producer?
JA says George Martin, jack says #tboneburnett and I say jimmy miller and Sean likes Maurice Starr πŸ˜‰ Colin

@cratic yeah, why’d ya stop following me, you bastards! Also, what’s on the stereo right now?
@bigstar @ronniewood and #ramones

@DECKERSmic ok. I’ll play. What song is on the radio right now?
vanmorrison New York sessions. Colin

it was a gig for Algonquin college. Colin

@areyoulistening what’s the best part about being on tour?
playing live ! Colin

@Jennifer5555 What music are you listening to in the car?
iPod mix mostly classic rock! Colin

@stephTD84 Where is one place that you would love to tour?
jack says South America!

@cratic why the stanfields for an acoustic tour?
we are big fans of those rum swigging pirates! Colin

@DarrenAstles when will you be coming to edmonton again?
hopefully in the new year. Edmonton is a great rock town! Colin

@1stLineCenter When are you guys coming back to Vancouver? Also, new album soon?
new year! Love the sea wall! Colin

@jmalo1 what was poor old broken hearted me written about? I can’t stop listening to that album!! Haha
one heck of a gal πŸ˜‰ Colin

@leovecchio I just landed in Ottawa. Argh. Why aren’t u playing in the Sault on this tour? I need my #Trews fix.
just doing select dates for the rest of the year. We’ll hit the daily next year! Colin

@xTrinity30x Cool. Where does your inspiration come from?
surreal life πŸ˜‰ Colin

@Trews_lover here’s a thinker for ya: who of what inspired you to go into the music industry?
f*ck the music industry we’re in music. Colin

@squickee boxers or briefs? LOL πŸ˜‰
JA boxers, jack briefs, me both, Sean commando. Colin

@Budonkers Sean rents out a kit down there as well?
yes sir

@KDG_LOMA Yes, I do. Why does Jack always make a goofy face and why is JA shooting your phone?
what do you mean goofy? Jack

@angesteverFM96 Yeah, where’s Sean? Lol

@Craigfucious any after party type gatherings planned for the Montreal show next month?
Montreal is a party so probably. Colin

@Davebmovforup Hey Jack… Do you remember my ugly mug ? We hung out at the Dave Rave show on Locke in Hamilton… Your little one was just born.
jack says sup! Colin

@Budonkers Jack Douglas…Den of Thieves?
we all love jack douglas he’s the greatest we’ve worked with.

@kbleggett pls tell me we might see you @springsteen in #ottawa tonight
@springsteen unfortunately no 😦 colin

@BigB0I96 so, just for the students there or what?
yeah wish we could have played to all our Ottawa fans πŸ™‚ we’ll be back! Colin

@squickee now, a more serious one πŸ˜‰ …fave current artist(s)?
Molly Thomason, Tim Chaisson, Zeus, the demos.

@Jennifer5555 Did JA wear a kilt for his wedding?

@NatalieC1812 can we preorder the new ep yet? I’m loving the new songs so far, can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!
talk to AR about that one πŸ™‚

@LilMissHockey19 what song that you guys wrote are you the most proud of? Any songs you regret?
regret naked cause we didn’t write it πŸ˜‰ most proud of our new tune oblivion. Kinda regret man of two minds cause its evil πŸ˜‰

@Tanya_Gallant which artist/band do you want to play/work with that you havent already?
Neil young, Peter Buck , Rick Rubin, Ray Davies, the list is endless. Colin

@kmcz89 is sean in the trunk?
Sean’s now strapped to the roof.

@Trews_lover I’d like to know what Hope & Ruin was written about.
both sides of the coin, the ying and yang πŸ™‚ Colin

@kmcz89 do you guys have a designated driver or are you fair and switch it up once in awhile πŸ˜‰
we all drive except for Sean #trunk #roof [Okay, this made us laugh out loud. – TFN]

@MattSimpson92 do you like Great Big Sea?
f*ck yeah love em best live band in the country

@squickee last ?. Would any of u like to work 4 me this afternoon? Lol. Walk around, tell everyone what 2 do. Simple πŸ˜‰
how much $?

@donnaM13 still taking ?s! I want to know how u all knew u could sing? Did u just start? Anyone take lessons?
trial and error over the years πŸ™‚

@jerika815 when are @thetrews coming to nova scotia.

@christeneleb can’t wait to see you guys @ The Cohn on December 2!!!! when can I get the new tunes??
nov 6

@BigB0I96 Best concert each of you attended as teenagers?
the hip in Halifax in 98

@donnaM13 Any chance ur coming west 2013
nothing planned yet

@Trews_lover do you guys think you’ll tour in the states any time in the near future?
I’m sure it will happen

@Joderunner First rock song you knew all the words to? Mine was Hotel
California, I was about 7yrs old.
milk cow blues
Billie jean, pale blue eyes, mr brownstone

@rgoddes You guys know how much your fans love you all, right? Your fanbase rocks.
yes we know and we love you back

@donnaM13 Jack sing Baritone, u sing high, JA sings alto? What does Sean sing?
the high parts

@MattSimpson92 idk I saw you guys last night and your up there. But definitely one of the greats!
thank you very much

@donnaM13 Colin are u going to teach Jack and Sean #trunk #roof how to tweet?
they know

@travismccarron At the wheel do you got for a dirty donair or a greasy slice??
a little of column a and a little of column b.

@kmcz89 have you guys ever played Gun Control live in the states? and if so, what was the reaction?
yes …. Mixed

Signing off, thanks for the questions, until next time! πŸ™‚ Colin, jack, JA

And japandroids are the best and most exciting band now



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