Are they REALLY your favourite band?

Over on our Facebook page, we recently asked those that have “liked” us there what some signs were that marked you out as a really BIG Trews fans. We thought of a few, they gave us some more. Can you think of any to add to this?

What we came up with:
– you can pick the words “Nova Scotia” and “Antigonish” immediately out of any large bunch of words…

– you firmly believe there IS power in positive drinking…

– you count as some of your favourite songs “Takes Me Awhile”, “Long Way From Freedom” and “St. Thomas”…

– you expect the opening slide guitar riffs of “Gun Control” to start right after the ending of “Hold Me In Your Arms” when you “Hold Me” on the radio…

– an 11-hour trip one way to see a 2-hour show really doesn’t seem that odd to you…

– you find that you own all the albums in ALL of their various configurations from all the countries they’ve been released in…

– you have a Ticket Diary album for your concert tickets – but need a separate one just for your Trews tickets…

– your cover photo on Facebook is some kind of photo of them, as is your icon pic – and the icon pic for your Twitter, your blog, your Get Glue and Four Square accounts…

– your general ringtone for your phone is a song of theirs…

– you consult their tour schedule when planning your vacation time…

– you own at least three Trews shirts…

– the sign-on name on at least one of your social networking accounts has the word “Trew” or “Trews in it…

From those that like us:
Trista: You can Sing Your Heart Out!

Marie: Your you tube videos include several Trews songs you recorded live.

Dave: You’ve had “he who expects nothing never will be disappointed” as your “Facebook favorites quotes” since Facebook started..oh and “So She’s Leaving” is my ringtone!

Suzanne: For your birthday…all you want is a ‘drunk birthday party clown’!!! And your iPod contains live YouTube versions of your faves!!! So good!

Jill: When you’ve seen them in concert more than any other band!

Tony: On long drives you line up your Trews CD’s in order so you can pop them in n out with no effort n without looking!

Andy: You tell everyone in emails; ‘To have a Trewsly great day’, and they don’t ask questions!!

Brad: You feel your life would be more complete with friends named Ishamel, Maggie, Hollis, Morris, Ana, and Mia.

Shannon: Within a few days of hearing a new song, or the release of a new album you have the guitar chords/bass line/drum fills/keyboard riffs (depending on your instrument of choice) figured out. ^.^

Susan: You constantly have to tell people that just because you go to a lot of shows does not mean you are stalking the band!

Brandy (making a confession): After reading that list… I. Am. So. Busted. Lol! =)

Brad: You get to play on stage with them…twice!

Jane: You take up Cape Breton step dance and won’t practice to traditional fiddle music, because Trews music works a whole lot better.

Suzanne (agreeing with Susan): So true @ susanfendrich! Love it!!

Scott: You’ve seen them live 22 times

Linda: You go to see another live band perform, and instead of their songs playing in your head the next day, you hear The Trews songs…..(thank you PJ – it is true – I’ve been Singing My Heart Out!)



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2 Responses to Are they REALLY your favourite band?

  1. Chris says:

    you consider “if you wanna start again” one of the best songs ever recorded.

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