Twitter Reviews: Lethbridge, AB, Mar. 6/12

The Trews last night blew my mind! Just as excited for @paulbrandt tonight. Two of Canada’s best!

amazing show @thetrews! absolutely unreal!my life has officially been made! you are all super sweet #lovemylife #tourbusparty #bestnightever

@thetrews were amazing in Lethbridge! Hope to see them again soon.

Thanks to Chris and Nancy Kearns for an excellent night with @thetrews and the Poor Young Things! Twas an amazing show. #fb

Post gig photo with The Trews. #Giver/WallyMIA

The #trews concert in #lethbridge was amazing!!!! Bigups to the lethbridge firefighter pipe band!

@thetrews you guys were fantastic tonight in Lethbridge!

@thetrews OMG amazing show thanks boys you rocked it!

@thetrews amazing show at average joes tonight. Fantastic cover ac/dc.

@thetrews Good to see you guys last night! Til next time!

@thetrews f*cking rocked #Lethbridge tonight, thanks for the awesome show boys!!!!! #MuchLove

@thetrews you guys f*cking rocked #Lethbridge tonight

@thetrews play “Highway of Heroes” with the Lethbridge Fire Dept. Pipes and Drums. Epic! #fb



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