Review: Yardbirds, Grimbsy, UK, Oct. 28/11

By John Whitfield – posted with permission

The name the Trews was new to me. But Yardbirds in Grimsby had advertised the gig and wherever possible I try to support their shows. So I checked out a few YouTube videos, purchased the new album and found myself getting into a lot of the material. The song ‘Hope and Ruin’ is brilliant. So I purchased a ticket and had a chat with Scott, the owner of Replay Records in Grimsby, about the band. We both said with the amount of YouTube hits and Facebook likes, these guys have got to be good. If I’m being honest, the Trews are at my bottom end of rock music; by that I mean I would normally listen to a lot heavier music. The Trews are a little on the softer side of the rock scale. Or so I perceived. I knew from experience that a band shouldn’t be judged on records alone. Live they can often surprise, and in this case it was one hell of a shock. The Trews rocked and rocked heavy. Their driving, upbeat tempos had me hooked. The intelligent songwriting and subject matter was superb. I knew from listening to the CDs that I would be a fan, but I didn’t think I would enjoy the gig as much as I did.

There was a down side: I think the guys had a really bad journey to Grimsby, and the gig wasn’t very well attended which was a real shame when you  consider that the venue is often packed full when tribute bands appear.

As a venue Yardbirds is the best small rock club in the country in my opinion, however you tend to find a lot of the hard core local rock fans do not give bands such as the Trews a chance. That is their loss.

All in all it was a great night and I count myself as privileged to have seen such a great band up close. I hope to see you again soon. Unfortunately I wont be able to travel to any of the gigs on this tour due to the cost of fuel in the U.K. It’s bloody extortionate.

Thanks again, guys. Great gig.



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