Review: Frankies Inner City, Toledo, OH, Jan. 13/12

By Phyllis Winters – Exclusive to The Trews Fans Network

Attending a live Trews show is a magical musical experience.  And what a show in Toledo!  As I chatted with folks before the show it was quite apparent everyone was there to see The Trews.   Fans from various parts of Canada, Michigan, Ohio and Georgia traveled as long as 6 -8 hours in snowy conditions to move and groove to the Trews and their terrific tunes.  “Burning Wheels” began the energetic set and was quickly followed by “Dark Highway”.  Colin’s brilliant vocals on “Not Ready to Go/30 Days in the Hole” made it one of my favorites of the show.   What a great combination!

I’ve heard it said that one of the goals of rock and roll musicians is to get those in the crowd to move to the music and feel it, not just listen to it.   And I can honestly say The Trews are masters at that.   The crowd was already dancing and singing along as The Trews played “So She’s Leaving” and “Fleeting Trust” before performing 2 songs from the Hope & Ruin album: “The World, I Know” and the title track ”Hope & Ruin” which is one of my personal favorites from the album.

The pace slowed as they sang the emotionally charged and highly visual “Highway of Heroes”.  I’ve come to expect this song to be performed at each show which makes me very happy.  It is such a wonderful tribute to all those who have made such sacrifices in the service of their country.  Whether you are from Canada or the US you have to love this song.

I was thrilled to hear so many more of my favorites starting with “I Can’t Stop Laughing” (combined with an interlude of “No Time for Later”), “Tired of Waiting”, “Misery Loves Company” and “ Poor Ol Broken Hearted Me”.  It’s so awesome how The Trews combine pieces of several of their songs to create a new musical experience.  I’m fascinated by their creativity and vision.  Even though I may have heard the songs played before, it’s an adventure to hear new variations, combinations and endings.  This is a testimony to their talent as musicians as was demonstrated during “Dreaming Man”.  The Trews are the total package; they sing, play and write so fabulously.

We all had a great time singing along to “The Power of Positive Drinking”.  And the fun continued as Colin sang “ Hermaphroditie” about which all I can say is you had to be there to hear Colin sing this one.  To my delight the set ended with “Hold Me In your Arms” which is my all-time favorite Trews song and holds a special place in my heart.  This was the first Trews song I heard and it made me an instant Trews fan.  Needless to say the dancing kicked up a notch with this rousing tune.  You can’t help but move and groove to “Hold Me in Your Arms”.  As the audience clapped and clamored for more, The Trews returned for an encore of “Ishmael & Maggie”.  Even though my brain told me the show had to end, my heart was saying I wish they could keep playing on and on.

As I think about all the fun I had in Toledo, I look forward to my next show when I can once again hear Colin say “we are the Trews”.  When I hear those words I know there will be another magical night of music not just heard, but felt, by the band and the audience.  Music that makes me want to dance from pure joy.  To sum up the show in Toldeo let me just say I love The Trews!



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