Blog: The Trews UK Tour 2011, Part 3

We finish up with Jennifer and Steve’s UK adventures with the band. Thanks for sharing with us, Jen!

Steve and I woke up to head home after the Grimsby gig.  It was Saturday and we knew they were playing in Kendal on Sunday night – but that would have meant a 5 hour drive home after the show and Steve had a meeting at work first thing Monday morning…

So reluctantly, we packed up our stuff and headed for home.  While we were driving, we both talked about how disappointed and sad we were to be going home. (It was a nice mini vacation for us as well.)  The more we talked about it, the more we wanted to just go for it, and go and see them in Kendal!  So we adjusted the GPS and off we went!  Kendal is up in the Lake District, a very beautiful part of England and I’ve never been there so Steve was keen to show me around.  We updated The Trews facebook fan page that we were coming to see them!!


We got there around 5 pm in the pouring rain and finally settled in at a bed and breakfast.  We went down to the town to see where the venue was for the next night and grab a bite to eat!  We were on the hunt for Indian and eventually found both places!

The next morning, Steve showed me around and we had a nice day touring the Lake District.  We even found a newspaper advertising the gig in a local paper – how exciting!  We went back to the town centre to find something to eat and ran into Jack in the square!  He said Hi to us, while he was talking on the phone …

I was desperate to get some work in and the only place we could find Wi-Fi was in the Bootleggers Music Bar (where The Trews were to play later – and it was a free show by the way!).  So I went in with my laptop to try to do some work.  Fairly early (about 7:40) the lights went out!  Steve had to rush to get my laptop back to the car as the show was already starting!  He got back just in time to see them come on.  Again – there were a few hardcore fans there, which was nice and we made another few friends during the show.

Colin MacDonald, Bootleggers, Kendal, UK, Oct. 30/11 (cell phone pic)

Colin MacDonald, Bootleggers, Kendal, UK, Oct. 30/11 (cell phone pic)

They mentioned Colin’s voice was bothering him (and tonight you could tell a bit), but they were still awesome and they still gave it their all!  There were probably around 100 people or so in Bootleggers and it was a nice cozy bar – I quite liked the atmosphere!

They played until about 9:00pm (which was great for us as we had that 5 hour drive home!), including an encore of 2 songs.  The rest of the boys took turns singing as by this time Colin was feeling pretty rough .. it was fab and a great end to our road trip!

John Angus MacDonald, Bootleggers, Kendal, UK, Oct. 30/11 (cell phone pic)

John Angus MacDonald, Bootleggers, Kendal, UK, Oct. 30/11 (cell phone pic)

After they were done, they once again came out to speak to everyone and we had a few words with them – by this time they seemed to genuinely appreciate us and the fact we were there again.  JA even told me they tried to practice Den of Thieves for me – but it was too hard on Colin’s voice!  Wow!  They must have seen my post AND they tried my song – what great gents!

John Angus MacDonald, Bootleggers, Kendal, UK, Oct. 30/11 (cell phone pic)

John Angus MacDonald, Bootleggers, Kendal, UK, Oct. 30/11 (cell phone pic)

It was then we finally met Sean (we didn’t get a chance the first two nights) and this was where he told us about the Hells Angels picking them up when their van broke down in Grimsby!  We spoke to them for a bit longer, wished them well – told Colin we hoped he felt better (he wasn’t looking great to be honest), and said our goodbyes!

Jennifer and Sean, Bootleggers, Kendal, UK, Oct. 30/11 (cell phone pic)

Jennifer and Sean, Bootleggers, Kendal, UK, Oct. 30/11 (cell phone pic)

It was a great long weekend and now 3 weeks later we are still listening to them non-stop!  I can’t describe what it feels like to meet your fave band in person and have them be the nicest guys!  It was also cool to meet some new people and make new friends (I don’t have many in England, plus we have The Trews in common)!

Missing you guys and come back soon!

Jen x

Set list is below:

The World I Know
Not Ready to Go
So She’s Leaving
Can’t Stop Laughing
Paranoid Freak
Love Is the Real Thing
Hope and Ruin
Highway of Heroes
Tired of Waiting
Fleeting Trust
Ishmael and Maggie
Poor Ol’ Broken ..
Misery Loves Company
Hold Me in Your Arms
Burning Wheels
The Weight (Cover – The Band)
Ooh La La (Cover – The Faces)


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One Response to Blog: The Trews UK Tour 2011, Part 3

  1. Leighton says:

    Sounds like a fantastic trip. I especially liked the impromptu trip to Kendal ! I saw them in Birmingham & Bristol earlier on in the tour – great shows too.



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