Blog: Trews UK Tour 2011, Part 1

Today we begin a three-part series telling us about one fan’s adventures going to see the band in the UK this fall. Enjoy!

Well, last weekend my partner and I embarked on a fabulous 4 day 1,000 mile journey to see my favourite band The Trews – who happen to be Canadian AND share a name with me at the same time!  It seems as though I have been waiting at least four years to see them and getting to see them in small venues/pubs across the UK was a dream come true for me!  I told Steve that my mission was to meet them AND convince them they need help with social media!  Steve is a typical British music snob (and hates North American rock music), but he had instantly liked The Trews as soon as I introduced their music to him.

We live on the South Coast of England and the closest The Trews came to us was London (which we decided not to go to as they were only a support act there).  So after much deliberation upon hearing they were coming we decided to go away for the weekend and go and see them in Leicester and Grimsby on Thursday and Friday night.  (This would entail a four hour then another 2 1/2 hour drive) but I knew it would be worth it!  Here is our story:

Day 1:

We left work in the heavy traffic to head up to Leicester – it took about 4 hours and by the time we got there it was almost 8:00 pm.  We quickly checked in and headed out to the Musician Pub – we found it quickly, but hadn’t eaten so we needed to grab some food!  When we walked into the pub we saw there were only about 5 other people on the list who bought tickets ahead of time! (at only £7 each)!  When we asked if we had time to get some food first, the guy at the desk shouted out to someone asking when The Trews would come on!  It was so informal!  The pub was really cool and very friendly, but did it serve food we asked? Well, we sell crisps! (Chips for those of you in Canada!)

Once we got back from nipping up the road and grabbing some food, we immediately clicked with a couple that had lived in Canada for a short time and loved The Trews as well – so it was great!  Someone other than Steve and I knew their music.  There was at least two other Canadians in the pub as well.  It was not busy there (we found out later there were only 38 people) but it was my favourite gig!

The Trews, Musician, Leicester, UK, Oct. 27/11.

The Trews, Musician, Leicester, UK, Oct. 27/11.

The Trews we even better than I thought they would be starting their set with ‘World I Know’ and then into ‘Not Ready to Go’.. They announced they were from Canada and I couldn’t be more proud!  After about their 3rd or 4th song, people started shouting out requests which they were more than happy to play, (while still going back to their set list a bit – see below).

Colin MacDonald, Musician, Leicester, UK, Oct. 27/11.

Colin MacDonald, Musician, Leicester, UK, Oct. 27/11.

They played for 1 hour and 45 minutes with and encored with Fire Up Ahead and When You Leave. (requested by me on behalf of our new British friend).  They included some covers (Neil Young/Jimmy Cliff), which was fab!  They were funny and charming when they engaged with the crowd and as someone who has been to several hundred concerts this one is at the top!   Unfortunately, they didn’t play Den of Thieves which I requested (more on that later).

Jack Syperek & John Angus MacDonald, Musician, Leicester, UK, Oct. 27/11.

Jack Syperek & John Angus MacDonald, Musician, Leicester, UK, Oct. 27/11.

After the show we got a chance to have a beer with them and chat!  They were lovely and very appreciative!  I could not believe how much effort they gave for a crowd of 38. It says so much about their character!  Our hearts could not help but go out to them as they had just got back from their second tour in Australia, were home for two days and over here to the UK working hard at performing for us and making new fans.  We got lots of pics and signatures and it was great fun… The opening act must have loved them too as every time we tried to get a picture – he had to be in it!

Steve and Jennifer with Colin, Musician, Leicester, UK, Oct. 27/11.

Steve and Jennifer with Colin, Musician, Leicester, UK, Oct. 27/11.

We went back to the hotel they were staying at after the show with the other couple we met and stayed up with Jack and their Tour Manager Todd until sometime after 3 am!  Bizarrely, Steve even got mistaken for a band member of British band Kasabian – they were taking pics and everything!

Todd asked us if we wanted to be put on the guest list for tomorrow – but we already had our tickets! (£4.00 this time). The others went to bed – as understandably they were tired…  I couldn’t have asked for a better night really!

We got back to our room close to 4 am and went to sleep as we had to get rested for Day 2 …

The set list for Leicester is below:
The World I Know
Not Ready to Go
So She’s Leaving
I Can’t Stop Laughing
Gun Control
Paranoid Freak
Makin’ Sunshine/I Can See Clearly
Love is the Real Thing
Hope and Ruin
Ishmael and Maggie
Tired of Waiting/Hey Jude
Highway of Heroes
Fleeting Trust
Poor Ol’ Broken Hearted Me
End Of The Line
Hold Me
Fire Up Ahead
When you Leave

Jennifer and Colin, Musician, Leicester, UK, Oct. 27/11.

Jennifer and Colin, Musician, Leicester, UK, Oct. 27/11.


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