I Held Them To It

I will always reserve a soft spot for The Trews in my heart. Throughout the years, they’ve always been there.  You have to understand, I knew of them long before the fancy videos and CDs and DVD’s; before the Gibson guitars and touring in Australia, and look at this – a fan-based website to spread the love of all things The Trews.  They’ve come a long way baby.

Let’s rewind a bit.

I lived in a small east coast town from 1995-2000 and during those years; the home-grown and home-town band was called One I’d Trowser. Antigonish, Nova Scotia is a University town and I called it home for a while.  Everyone knew about the MacDonald brothers and their band. They played often in the pubs and bars; and there was always an underlying sense of pride they lived in this small town.

The summer of 1999, I lived a few houses up from Main Street and like all summers in Antigonish – it was hot. Windows were always left open. You usually heard bag-pipes being practiced in the distance and at night, it was the ruckus from the late drinkers walking up from Piper’s Pub after last call. One stifling afternoon, a different sound came from our open windows. Live music. Curious, my roommate ran down to Main Street to see what the fuss was about. Five minutes later and, out of breath she screamed from the front door: “Hey guys, One I’d Trouser is playing a free show in the park!!!” I threw on my flip flops and ran down with my roommates. I’d finally get to see these kids that everyone was talking about.

A small crowd had gathered around the bandstand and there they were. They were young. And they could play. And they were good.  The Colin fella had quite the voice on him. So we sat there for a while in the summer heat and I remember turning to my roommate: ‘These guys are going to make it aren’t they?’

The last time I saw them play as One I’d Trouser was a Boxing Day show that same year.  It was at bar in town called Chuggles. At that time, Chuggles was not the most popular of venues for the young crowd, but that night it was packed– the ‘Townies’ home for Christmas Break came out in droves to see their boys play. The vibe was insane. That night, Colin and JA’s sister joined them on stage to sing ‘Son of a Preacher Man’. I’ve never heard a better rendition since.

Years passed and I never heard talk of One I’d Trouser again. I had just assumed they had moved on and grown and were somewhere doing grown- up things. Like school and jobs.

It was years later while entertaining friends in my basement apartment in Halifax; I turned to the TV while Much Music was playing a video I had never seen before. Standing in the middle of the living room, frozen in my tracks I shouted to my friends while staring at the TV: “Whoa, hold on a second…. is that One I’d Trouser?’ One of my friends replied “Nah, they’re a band called The Trews, I think they’re Canadian”.

I recognized them. It was them. Those kids I saw years before play in my University town. Still standing my big eyes fixed to the TV – I smiled BIG and said to the crowd in my living room: ‘Yah, they’re Canadian’.

When the video ended, I slowly walked away and it was under my breath that I whispered~

“I knew they’d make it”

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