Heroes of East Coast Music trading cards

So for the ECMA’s this year, the Fundy Comic Arts Society decided to do something to help raise money for the Saint John Free Public Library’s Adopt-A-Book program. They created these Heroes of East Coast Music trading cards, and one of the cards features that band we love, drawn by Jenny Godin and colours by Jill Davis Leblanc. The artwork is on the front of the card, and the artist’s bio is on the back.

If anyone is interested in purchasing the cards/promo poster/print, please comment here or send us a message and we’ll connect you to the proper folks.

We think this is just about as awesome as it gets.

Packages of the cards sitting atop the promo poster for the set.

A print of the artwork for the Trews’ card.

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Video: “Under The Sun” live in John-Angus’s basement

…and THAT’s how you celebrate the first full day of summer. In case you missed it earlier from the band.

Seriously, how awesome is this? ❤

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What? You wanted MORE Trews’ dates?!

 Okay, we found these. 🙂
My summer budget is mostly for Trews' dates.
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